Renewing Your Mind Counseling and Psychological Services s

Renewing Your Mind Counseling and Psychological Services

As you peruse my site I hope you like what I have to offer. I have always been passionate about life and helping people work on self-discoveries and self-concepts so that they, too, may enjoy life to the fullest! I find it very rewarding to help individuals, couples, families and groups move from a troubled or negative past or present to a hopeful and productive present and future. My focus has always been about positive transformations and endless possibilities!

Therapy is about changes and possibilities, which I strongly believe begin in the mind and in the way we think and perceive ourselves and others in any given situation. When we are able to develop clarity in life’s realities and are willing to apply the skills for desired changes through renewed thinking, we can move forward in our lives in very positive and productive ways.

My aim as a licensed clinical social worker is to work with you to identify and examine your current concerns and motivations as well as your present and future goals and how we will work together to achieve them. The process could mean confronting and conquering past experiences that have been causing you to think negatively about yourself and your life’s situations. It might mean dealing with any current obstacles that have you immobilized and then moving forward therapeutically from your current situation without delving into the past at all.

At Renewing Your Mind Counseling and Psychological Services, I work with you to make lasting and healthy mental, emotional, spiritual, and behavioral changes by helping you to identify and let go of old, negative, unhealthy thinking and then by teaching you skills that promote renewed thinking and behavior. Your willingness to trust and participate in the process of learning, developing, and implementing new ways of thinking will result in the changes you desire!